Marketeers, don’t settle for meaningless after movies unless your company earns money by planning great events and getting people in a good mood….

We see this a lot lately; marketing people going out of there way to plan great events for there company. They get these brilliant speakers from around the world to talk about interesting topics related to their companies. A perfect way to share knowledge, meet interesting people and positioning your company! But then what.. everything is planned, tickets are sold, clients are invited, the final touch is to get this event on tape. And what do they ask us, videopartners: ‘Can you make a moodfilm? Just some cool footage which shows how great the event was”.

Sure, we will get our high-speed camera’s, our drones and our go-pro’s just to give you the coolest shots ever, but what does it bring you? Or better, what will it bring the company? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great job, you giving us a playground for all our new gadgets, but I think it’s also a waist of money on your side.

You have these brilliant speakers booked. You spend, usually, months and months trying to get them to show up and speak at your event and what do you do, give them a great lunch and let them walk out the door….. A big missed opportunity!! You have a great videocrew available and you let these brilliant speakers drive off without getting them in front of the camera.

Have your videocrew set up an interviewsetting and ask these speakers about their opinions, the future, new developments or about your company. This is THE way of getting these people connected to your company. Usually these brilliant speakers have a firm opinion and know how to tell a story. A great way to get your company above the surface. People are craving for the stories from keynote speakers. That’s why you wanted them in your event in the first place, right!?

If you don’t know how to do these interviews yourself, get your videocrew involved. If you have a good professional crew they can arrange everything and even do the interviews. Just get them involved during your planning process!

The footage that you get from these interviews will position your company, even after the event because your company is now connected to these brilliant speakers from around the world 😉
Don’t let your money and the opportunity go to waste!